1995 Bordeaux Versus Napa Tasting

The 1995 growing season was superlative for Cabernet Sauvignon production both in Bordeaux and the Napa Valley. With ripeness being a primary winemaking decision the past few decades, it has been increasingly harder to differentiate the best wines from these two leading wine regions. Six of the best 1995 Cabernet-based wines from each region were pitted against one another in a Bordeaux versus Napa tasting held this winter in Santa Fe.

95WinesThe impetus for the tasting was a 2011 Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta Live Auction Wine Lot, purchased by Carl and Marilyn Thoma of Van Duzer Vineyards and their friends. The tasting took place at the Thoma’s Santa Fe home with 8 guests taking part. Proceeds from the $12,500 auction lot went to Santa Fe’s public school program, Cooking with Kids.

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