How To Use This Site

Tickets go on sale 9am Mountain time on July 5th. Prior to that time, you may browse the event schedule.


You will not see the red “Proceed to Checkout” button on the bottom of the “View Cart/Shopping Cart” page until you have either logged in with an existing account, or you have created a new account.

NOTE: Only one account may exist per email address. If your current email address has been used on this website before, you will be required to log in to the site in order to checkout. If you have forgotten your password, simply click the “Forgot Your Password link at the bottom of the log in screen. An email will immediately be sent to you from which will contain a clickable link that will allow you to set a new password for your email address.

Log In

In order to purchase event tickets, you will need to log in. There are two ways:

  1. After adding items to your cart, you need to log in (or create an account) before you may Proceed to Checkout; or
  2. You may Login at any time by clicking the red Login button in the left-side brown navigation link bar shown on every page of the website. After logging in, you will be taken to the View Cart/Shopping Cart page, even if you have not yet added any items to your cart.

What if I’ve used the site before but I have a new email address?

  • You may go ahead and just create an all-new account. That is probably the fastest and easiest method. You will have to add at least one item to your shopping cart after 9am July 5th in order to create a new account. New accounts cannot be created prior to July 5th. Regardless of the item you add to your cart, you may optionally delete that item from your cart before proceeding to checkout
  • During business hours and subject to staff availability, you may call us and we can locate your old account and change your email address

NOTE: For security reasons, staff do not have access to passwords. They may set a new password for you, just like you can do by clicking the Forgot Your Password link.

How to Place an Order

  • Browse events/tickets
  • Select quantity desired
  • Click Add To Cart next to the quantity and below the description of an event
  • Login (or Create Account – requires a unique, new email address)
  • Click Proceed To Checkout
  • Verify your billing address, shipping address and email address
  • Click Pay by Credit Card
  • Enter Credit Card Information and click Submit
  • After verification, a thank you/printable receipt page will display and an email receipt will be immediately sent to you
  • If you do NOT see the “Thank You for your Order” page or receive an email order confirmation, then your order has NOT been completed!
  • We will mail your tickets out if you have ordered prior to September 7th, otherwise they will be available at Will Call at La Fonda hotel beginning September 22nd.

NOTE: If you do NOT want us to mail your tickets, and instead wish to pick them up at Will Call, please say so very clearly AND IN ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS in the Comments box on the Order Checkout page (where you verify your billing and shipping address). You may also want to reply to your order receipt email just to make sure we saw your comment (We promise to make this easier next year)

How to Subscribe to the Email Announcement list

  • Enter email address in the white box at the bottom of the left-side, brown navigation box on every page, then click the GO button
    • Another page will popup requiring you to fill in your first and last name, then click Save Profile Changes button

You are also given an option to add an email address at the time of checkout for each order

How to permanently update the billing/mailing address that we have on file for you so we send your brochure to the right place next year!

NOTE: At this time, we do not store your shipping address – it only prints on the invoice of your current order. Your “account mailing address” for our brochure mailings is the address that shows as your billing address when you first get to the Order Checkout page. You may permanently change this address if you desire:

When you get to the Order Checkout page (verify billing/shipping address screen), you may set either the billing address OR the shipping address that you enter to be your “new/permanent” brochure mailing list address.

  • Near the bottom of the Order Checkout page, there are a few sentences describing updating your address, and there are three buttons below that sentence:
  • None – clicking this button (or clicking nothing) will do nothing – next time you login, the site will remember the same address it had before
  • Billing – If you have made changes on this screen to your billing address (upper left) and would like those to be permanently saved as your brochure mailing address, click the button next to “billing”
  • Shipping – If you would prefer that we mail your brochure to the address you have entered as your shipping address (upper right), then please check the button next to “shipping”

New Features for 2010:

  • Updates & News (this section!) – Staff will now feature highlights of Santa Fe as a culinary destination and incorporate periodic email newsletters
  • Who’s Pouring/Who’s Cooking Detail Pages – Wineries and Restaurants now edit their own pages on this site, where not only can you see their logo, but some information about them, contact information, website link and best of all a preview of what items they will be bringing to the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta and if you’re lucky – a recipe or two!

If you are a winery or restaurant participant and would like to edit your detail page, please:

  1. If you do not already have an account (email address and password) on this site, then:
  • First create an account (after July 5th 9am) by adding any ticket to your shopping cart – you don’t have to purchase anything, just click the Add To Cart button, then
  • Create your account until you get to the point that you see the red Proceed To Checkout button on the View Cart/Shopping Cart page (You do NOT need to actually click Proceed To Checkout or place an order), and then
  • Call or email our office so that we can authorize your account and we will then give you further page-editing instructions
  1. If you DO already have an account on this website (email address and password), and you know your password and are currently able to log in, please:
  • Call or email our office so that we can authorize your account and we will then give you further page-editing instructions
  1. If you have an account, but don’t know your password, simply use the Forgot Your Password link on the Login page to set a new password for yourself, and then:
  • Call or email our office so that we can authorize your account and we will then give you further page-editing instructions

NOTE: A user account may only edit one restaurant or one winery. If a single person needs to be the editor for more than just one, then you will have to have an additional email address to create an additional account.

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