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The Winery:  Located at the base of the Blue Mountains in Walla Walla Washington, K Vintners opened its doors to the public in 2001. The property at 820 Mill Creek Road where the winery sits was homesteaded in 1853 with the adjacent farmhouse built in 1872. The winery grounds with Titus Creek flowing through the lawn and the old pioneer planted trees, is a little slice of heartland Americana.

K Vintners produces small lots of single vineyard syrahs and field blends that are hand-picked, foot-stomped, fermented with naturally occurring yeasts, and basket pressed.

The first Charles Smith Wines were released in the spring of 2007. Charles Smith Wines: the Modernist Project focuses on the way people generally consume wine today, immediately! Wine in this category is typically either simple, or a wine that would be much better a few years down the road. Charles Smith Wines are wines that are about putting as much into the bottle as possible. The intent is to create wines to be enjoyed now, but with typicity of variety (i.e., merlot that tastes like merlot) and to the vineyard (wine that tastes like where it was grown). The wines are full of flavor, balanced, and true to place of origin.

The Winemaker:  He loves to drink wine! Charles Smith, proprietor and winemaker, moved to Walla Walla after 11 years in Scandanavia managing rock bands. Originally from Northern California, he has been involved with wine personally and professionally his whole life. In 2009 Food & Wine Magazine recognized him as "Winemaker of the Year"...And did we mention... he loves to drink wine!


Open Daily 10am-6pm (downtown only)


Charles Smith

Items serving at Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta:

Secco Italian Bubbles White

Secco Italian Bubbles Rose

Charles Smith Wines 2010 Kung Fu Girl Riesling

Charles Smith Wines 2009 Eve Chardonnay 

Charles Smith Wines 2009 The Velvet Devil Merlot

Charles Smith Wines 2009 Boom Boom! Syrah

Charles Smith Wines 2008 Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon

K Vintners 2010 Viognier

K Vintners 2009 The Creator [Cabernet/Syrah]

K Vintners 2007 The Hustler Syrah

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