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Vivác (vee vok), a mountaineering term meaning "high altitude refuge", is seated at 6,000ft making it one of the highest altitude wineries in the world. The professionals at Vivác Winery have a commitment to excellence, using only French oak barriques, state-of-the-art stainless steel tanks & 100% New Mexico grapes; the Padberg brothers make their wines entirely by hand. Fresh & young, edgy & sophisticated, Vivác offers you something out of the ordinary.

With an elegant gallery of contemporary art, an in-house Chocolatier offering sumptuous truffles, an in-house Fromagére offering hand crafted artisan cheeses & Happy Hour Season (Spring/ Summer/ Fall) with live music, Vivác Winery is a destination like no other. Our old world style wines have been highlighted in USA Today, HGTV, Sunset Magazine & Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

    The Dixon Tasting Room is open 7 days a week from 10-6 Mon-Sat/ 11-6 Sun. or on line at Our Newly open Santa Fe Farmer's Market Tasting Room at the Railyard, is a permanent space open Tuesdays & Saturdays 8-2/ Sundays  11-4

The Highest Rated Red Wine Producers in New Mexico's History!

Specializing in: Professionally crafted dry red wines, limited edition dry whites & specialty halted fermentation sweeter wines including a matured Port style wine. 



10-6 M-Sat/ 11-6 Sun (Dixon Tasting Room)


Items serving at Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta:

The Highest Rated Red Wines Produced in New Mexico's History are Vivác Wines!

Old World Style wines, we release most of wines as varitals (meaning the name on the bottle is the name of the grape inside). Dominated by Italian varitals, our list offers a variety of wine styles yet focused on dry wines, we do have a wine to suit every palate. We have a special release Sauvignon Blanc and Dry Rosé of Dolcetto as well as our elite level Heaven and Hell Wines (a lighter bodied red blend, "Divino" and a heavier red blend, "Diavolo", are released as a pair and showcase the art work of a local well known artist. These wines demonstrate the high level of art and dedication we feel must go into a wine to make it truely exceptional). 100% New Mexico grapes. 100% French oak barriques.

We have just released a Kabinett syle Riesling made from halted fermentation leaving a touch of honeyed sweetness. This wine is exquisite.

Featured Recipe:

Our wines have higher acidity and lower alcohol (between 12.5-13.5%) in order to keep the true acidity and balance which makes wine pair so well with food.

Try the Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay in cream sauces and in the skillet with fish or pork!

Try our Cab, Syrah or Diavolo in stews and reductions!

Pour yourself a glass and drink while you cook anymeal, the best way to cook with wine!

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Vivac Winery
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